Famous Alumni

International Alumni:
Tsinghua international alumni are distributed in various fields all over the world. Among them, there are university presidents, professors, artists, architects, engineers, government officials, entrepreneurs, military generals, as well as ambassadors and so on. They have been playing important roles in the development of science, technology, education, culture, economy and society of their home countries. Meanwhile, as the bridges of cross-cultural communications, they also make great dedication to the friendship and cooperation between China and the world.

Within the law school, about half of the students stay in China and half go back to their home country following graduation of the program. Many of them pursuing a range of different careers. Within China, some of the alumni have gone on to be successful in various fields, such as in the legal field, academia, and there are even some who have gone on to be Chinese government advisors. The law school works hard to promote the opportunities for graduates, including trips to law firms, and in this sense the LLM in Chinese Law is very much a practical program.

Chinese Alumni

The Chinese alumni of Tsinghua have gone on to be leaders in many fields. Such as previous leaders and current leaders in China. Hu Jintao and Xi Jinping are alumni. Tsinghua alumni can be found at the top of every main area of society such as in the legal field, government, business, entrepreneurship, technology and other areas.

Xi Jinping