Faculty Profiles

Che-PizhaoCHE Pizhao

Subject: International Economic Law

CHEN-JianminCHEN Jianmin Associate Professor

Subject: Intellectual Property

CHENG Jie Associate Professor 

Subjects: Constitutional Law, Administrative Law, the Basic Law of HKSAR

CHEN Weizuo Professor 

Subjects: Private international law, Comparative Law, German Civil Law

CHENG Xiao Associate Professor

Subject: Civil Law

CHEN Xinyu Associate Professor

Subject: Chinese Legal History

CUI Guobin Associate Professor

Subjects: Intellectual Property Law, Civil Law

CUI Jianyuan Professor

Subject: Civil Law

DENG Haifeng Associate Professor

Subjects: Environmental Resource Law, Civil Law

FU Tingzhong Professor

Subject: Maritime Law

FENG Shujie Lecturer

Subject: Intellectual Property Law, International Economic Law

FENG Xiang 

The Mei Ru’ao Chair Professor in Law

GAO Hongjun Professor

Subject: Jurisprudence

GAO Qicai Professor

Subject: Jurisprudence

HAN Shiyuan Professor 

Subjects: Civil and Commercial Law

HE Haibo Associate Professor

Subjects: Constitutional and Administrative Law

HUANG Xinhua Associate Professor

Subject: Economic Law

JIA Bingbing Professor

Subjects: General International Law, International Humanitarian Law, International Criminal Law

JIANG Shan Associate Professor

Subject: Jurisprudence

LAO Dongyan Associate Professor

Subject: Criminal Law

LI Hong Professor and Vice Dean

Subject: Criminal Law

LIN-LaifanLIN Laifan Professor of Law

Subject: Constitutional Law

LI-WangLI Wang Professor

Subject: Private International Law

LI Xiaowu Lecturer

Subjects: Cyberspace Law, Law on Science and Technology

LI-ZhaojieLI Zhaojie Professor

Subject: International Law

LU-XiaojieLU Xiaojie Associate Professor

Subject: International Economic Law

MA-JunjuMA Junju Professor

Subjects: Civil and Commercial Law

NIE-XinNIE Xin Lecturer


SHEN-WeixingSHEN Weixing Professor and Vice Dean

Subject: Civil Law

SHI-TiantaoSHI Tiantao Professor and Vice Dean

Subjects: Corporation and Commercial Law

SU-YigongSU Yigong Professor of Law


TANG-XinTANG Xin Associate Professor

Subjects: Civil and Commercial Law

TIAN-SiyuanTIAN Siyuan Associate Professor

Subject: Administrative Law

WANG-BaoshuWANG Baoshu Professor

Subjects: Commercial Law and Economic Law

WANG-BingWANG Bing Professor

Subjects: Intellectual Property Law, Science & Technoloty Law

WANG-ChenguangWANG Chenguang Professor

Subject: Jurisprudence, Comaprative Law

generic pictureWANG Hongliang Associate Professor

Subjects: Civil Law, Intellectual Property Law

WANG-MingyuanWANG Mingyuan Professor

Subjects: Environmental and Natural Resources Law

WANG-YaxinWANG Yaxin Professor

Subjects: Civil Procedure and Sociology of Law

WANG-ZhenminWANG Zhenmin Professor and Dean

Subjects: Constitutional Law and Administrative Law

WEI-NanzhiWEI Nanzhi Teaching Assistant

Subjects: Private International Law, International Economic Law and WTO

WU-WeiguangWU Weiguang Associate Professor

Subjects: Intellectual Property Law, E-Commerce Law and Commercial Law

XU-ZhangrunXU Zhangrun Professor

Subjects: Jurisprudence and Constitutional Law


YI Yanyou Associate Professor

Subjects: Criminal Procedure, Legal Systems

YU-LingyunYU Lingyun Professor

Subjects: Administrative Law

ZHANG-ChengZHANG Cheng Professor

Subject: Civil Procedural Law

ZHANG-ChenyingZHANG Chenying Associate Professor

Subjects: Theory of Economic Law, Enterprise Law

ZHANG-JianweiZHANG Jianwei Professor

Subjects: Criminal Procedural Law, Evidence Law

ZHANG-MingkaiZHANG Mingkai Professor

Subject: Criminal Law

generic pictureZHANG Mingxin Professor

Subject: Chinese Legal Law

ZHANG-XinjunZHANG Xinjun Associate Professor

Subject: International Law

ZHENG-ShangyuanZHENG Shangyuan Professor

Subject:Labor Law , Social Security Law

generic pictureZHAO Xiaoli Associate Professor

Subjects: Civil and Commercial Law

ZHOU-GuangquanZHOU Guangquan Professor

Subject: Criminal Law

ZHU-CiyunZHU Ciyun Professor

Subjects: Commercial Law and Economic Law