Chinese Civil Law

Prof. Guobin Cui


Prof. Weixing Shen


Required Readings:

1) CHINESE CIVIL LAW: CASES AND MATERIALS I (General Parts), II (Property) & III (Torts), (edited by Guobin CUI, 2011), available at the LLM Administrative Office.
2) CHINESE CIVIL LAW: SELECTED STATUTES, REGULATIONS & JUDICIAL INTERPRETATIONS(edited by Guobin CUI, 2010), available at the LLM Administrative Office.
3) ZHU YIKUN, CHINA’s CIVIL LAW (Law Press 2003), available at the LLM Administrative Office.

Optional Readings:

Patrick A. Randolph & Lou Jianbo, Chinese Real Estate Law, Kluwer Law International, 1999;
Jianfu Chen, From Administrative Authorisation to Private Law: A Comparative Perspective of the Developing Civil Law in the People’s Republic of China, Martinus Nijhoff, 1995.

Class Schedule (subject to changes announced in class):

1. General Introduction
2. Civil Subjects
3. Juristic Act
4. Agency
5. Property: General Part (1)
6. Property: General Part (2)
7. Property: Ownership
8. Property: Usufructs
9. Property: Real Rights for Security
10. Personality Rights
11. Torts: Constitution of Tort Liability
12. Torts: Multiple Tortfeasors
13. Torts: Defenses & Remedies
14. Torts: Special Torts