Chinese Society and Chinese Law

WANG-ChenguangLecturer: Prof. Wang Chenguang

Credit: 3

China, in the process of the most fascinating and rapid social transitions, has been endeavouring in developing its legal system and a rule of law with Chinese characteristics. This course is to provide information and knowledge of this new and emerging legal system in the historical, social, economic and cultural context of China. The course will focus on the legal system, its historical evolution, social background, governmental, legal and judicial structures, the role of law in the society and other selected topics such as judicial reform, enforcement of law, dispute settlement, labour law, etc. With the view that legal rules and systems are integral parts of the overall social system, it tries to introduce not only legal rules, but also their social context, their operation in practice and their interplay with other social factors.


1. Traditional Chinese Legal System;
2. Contemporary Chinese Legal System;
3. Chinese Governmental Structure, Central / Local Relations & Urban / Rural Distinction;
4. Chinese Legal Structure;
5. Legislative Structure and Process;
6. Economic Reform and Legal Development;
7. Market Formation and Law;
8. Political Reform and Constitutionalism;
9. Judicial Structure and Judicial Reform;
10. How to Apply Chinese Law, Case Analysis;
11. Dispute Resolution & Letters and Visits System;
12. Enforcement of Law;
13. Labour Law and Labour Dispute;
14. Legal Education, Profession and Service;
15. Overview of Chinese Law.